Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Link Key Kaspersky up to date.

In this post, i want to share a link that present a lot of key of Kaspersky Antivirus. For all my reader, kaspersky is known as very good antivirus. The great facility is self defense of system. So, if your computer attacked by virus. Kaspersky will save your system (ussually in Drive C).
Another facility is you can manage which service of kaspersky that will running in your PC. This facility very important to user who have slower computer.
Ok guys...
this is the link..
please choose active key... Try...try and try.... hehe
If you not have an master of kaspersky, you can download from here

thanks guys... 
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  1. nice share friend..
    but kaspersky it's kinda slow on PC..

  2. you can setting the service that will be run in your PC. If your PC is slow, you can setting self defend only. Another services is not working. So, Kaspersky not use a lot of resource in your PC. Don't think free antivirus like smadav is good for your PC. hehe...