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Resensi Film Yang Dapat Dijadikan Tuntunan Untuk Guru Atau Calon Guru

Iseng2 Blogwalking malem2 nemu blog yang ngasih referensi tentang film2 inspiring untuk para guru2. Ane langsung grab aja, soalnya biar mudah untuk downloadnya... hehehe
Semoga dapat memberi inspirasi bagi kita semua. Yang pernah nonton, film2 di bawah ini. Bisa dishare mengenai pendapatnya.... hehehe
Kalau aku yang udah pernah liat yang freedom writter itu. Ceritanya memberikan pengalaman tentang pengelolaan kelas yang baik dan membangkitkan motivasi peserta didik.(two thumbs up...lah pokoknya)
Ok, selamat membaca resensinya...

1. Lean on Me
Morgan Freeman plays Joe Clark, the real-life bat-wielding Principal whose goal was to bring discipline and learning to Eastside High School in New York. While he was not always the easiest on the teachers, it would sure be nice if more Principals stressed the importance of discipline and learning in their schools as he did. This film shows the importance of having strong leadership at the top.

To Sir With Love
2. 'To Sir, with Love' (1967)
Sidney Poitier is the quintessential inspirational teacher. He plays an idealistic engineer-turned-teacher who ends up in an East End London school where the staff has given up on the rowdy, incorrigible students. Things start rough but once he throws out the textbooks and decides to teach the kids about life rather than square roots and split infinitives, he begins to win their trust and respect. The film deals with discrimination based on both race and economics. Poitier is perfect as the man the kids come to refer to as "Sir." Judy Geeson and Lulu were reunited with Poitier in the TV sequel directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

The Ron Clark Story

3. The Ron Clark Story follows the inspiring tale of an energetic, creative and idealistic young teacher who leaves his small North Carolinahometown to teach in a New York City public school. Through his passionate use of special rules for his classroom, highly innovative teaching techniques and an undying devotion to his students and helping them cope with their problems, Clark is able to make a remarkable difference in the lives of his students.  Even when he is almost overcome by pneumonia, Clark continues to work with his students, hoping that he can raise their test scores to an acceptable level, or possibly even higher. However, when Mr Clark returns, he finds out his class did not deliver the goods but he remains optimistic about their chances. The kids sit in the state exams and a few days later, Mr Clark takes the kids to see the Phantom of Opera. In the end, Principal Turner reveals that Mr Clark's class got the highest average in the state and Mr Clark was regarded by his students as their best teacher in the world.

Freedom Writers
4. 'Freedom Writers' (2007)
Hilary Swank plays real life teacher Erin Gruwell who takes on freshman English at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. The school is racially diverse but not well integrated, with students sticking to their own ethnic groups. Gruwell proves to be naïve and out of her element yet her dedication to finding a way to reach these troubled kids is truly inspirational and moving. In real life, a number of Gruwell's students have themselves turned to teaching because of her.

The Great Debaters
5. The Great Debaters
Denzel Washington directed and starred in this story of professor Melvin B. Tolson of Wiley College in Texas. Set in the 1930s, the film focuses on how he formed the school's first debate team and managed to challenge prejudices to get his team to face off with Ivy League Harvard. Washington is tough, intelligent, and passionate as a teacher with a cause.

The Miracle Worker

6. 'The Miracle Worker

Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan and Patty Duke as her unwilling and unruly student Helen Keller won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars, respectively, for their work. The two had originally created the roles on Broadway, and Duke would later go on to play Sullivan in a TV movie version of the story. Sullivan's determination to reach the blind and deaf Keller epitomizes how a good teacher can make an amazing impact on a student.
To Be and To Have

7. 'To Be and To Have' (2002, France)

A one-room school in rural France is the setting for this documentary portrait of teacher Georges Lopez. Exhibiting amazing patience, Lopez must deal with students ranging in age from four to eleven. A wonderful portrait of a truly dedicated teacher. Another deeply affecting, small scale portrait of a classroom.

Stand and Deliver
8. 'Stand and Deliver' (1988)
Edward James Olmos plays real life teacher Jaime Escalante, a Los Angeles teacher who inspires his underachieving students to learn calculus to boost their self-esteem. But they do so well in their AP testing that their success prompts accusations that they cheated. Ironically, the real Escalante ended up losing his position as math department chair at Garfield High and eventually left the school and returned to his native Bolivia to teach.

9. Renaissance Man
Danny Devito's performance as a teacher of the 'Double-D's' is both humorous and inspired. What appears to be a light-hearted comedy truly has a deeper meaning. Devito's character proves that William Shakespeare still has much to teach students. Surprisingly clean and somewhat corny at times, Renaissance Man in the end teaches important life lessons on responsibility and character.

10. Mr. Holland's Opus
This memorable movie gives all teachers hope that they truly have an impact on their students. Richard Dreyfuss is wonderful as a musician/composer who must take a teaching job to support his family. In the end, Dreyfuss' character realizes that he has had as much if not more of an impact from his teaching as he would have as a composer.

11. Dangerous Minds
Michelle Pfeiffer is excellent as real-life former marine Louanne Johnson. Teaching English in a tough inner-city school, she reaches the "unteachable" through caring and understanding. Very true-to-life, Dangerous Minds does not fall into sentimentality but instead teaches us of the importance of making our own choices and not allowing circumstances to rule us.

12. Dead Poet's Society
Robin Williams gives an awesome performance as an unconventional English teacher in a very conventional (read conservative) private school. His love of poetry and his inspiring teaching methods have a great impact on his students. The central message of the movie, to live life to the fullest everyday, is not lost. Further, Williams' poetry recitations are awe-inspiring.

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